An NBA Rookie Got Teased for Forgetting the Poker Chips

James Wiseman is a rookie center with the Golden State Warriors. So, for a bit of mild hazing, he was given the task of carrying the poker chips along on road trips by NBA superstar Steph Curry. However, regrettably, he forgot to bring them one time and didn’t realize just how unhappy his teammates would be. He was teased mercilessly.

James Wiseman decided to leave the University of Memphis after his freshman year and entered the draft. He ended up being chosen second overall in the draft last year by the Warriors. Wiseman just turned 20 in March, so he won’t be able to gamble in any casinos for almost a year.

Hopefully, he wants to play card games, though, or he might have a bit of trouble fitting in with his teammates. Curry showed just how much he likes poker with the importance he placed on Wiseman bringing the poker chips on their road trips. Thompson also likes poker; he mentioned how he wasn’t doing so well in the poker games he played on plane rides.

Also, Draymond Green, a power forward on the team, even appeared on Poker After Dark. These players certainly fit in with the team’s minority owner, who is a poker fan that plays in the same home game with World Series of Poker champion Phil Helmuth.