Bovada Blocks New York Residents

Currently, online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms are questionably legal in many states and countries, but little is being done to keep people from accessing these sites. However, now that New York has decided to expand their gaming industry, this is changing. Many questionably legal gaming sites were notified of the change and warned they would not be allowed to accept bets from New York residents.

Because of this change in New York, Bovada decided to withdrawal from New York and not allow New York residents to access their site as of June 21st. This withdrawal stopped New York from enforcing its move to restrict access to Bovada’s site. Although, Bovada is continuing to accept bets until this date. They have also stated that any tickets or money not used or withdrawn as of the 21st will be forfeited. New York hasn’t reacted to this action.

Several online poker rooms or gaming sites have withdrawn from states or even countries in response to online gaming laws or restrictions. Some states have restricted online gambling or even banned it. It’s hard to tell what effect this will have on Bovada. One reason for this is that Bovada does not allow other websites to observe its business operations.