Daniel Negreanu Falls Just Shy of a Seventh WSOP Gold Bracelet

Featured - Daniel Negreanu Falls Just Shy of a Seventh WSOP Gold Bracelet

Daniel Negreanu, a 46-year-old Poker Hall of Famer, has earned six World Series of Poker Bracelets so far in his poker career. This makes him part of only a small group of players who have won at least that many gold bracelets. Negreanu, who uses the screen name ‘DNegs,’ has been playing in the 2021 WSOP Online $600 buy-in no-limit hold’em knockout event. The event attracted 612 entrants, and Negreanu succeeded in making it to the final three. Unfortunately, Negreanu was eliminated from play just a bit short of earning the top prize and a seventh gold bracelet. However, for finishing in third place, he did earn $19,851 in prize money. Negreanu earned five bounties while playing the event as well, which amounted to an additional $1,000.

Anthony ‘Lastbullet’ Kennedy would ultimately win the event and the $46,796 top prize along with the gold bracelet. There were several prominent players in the event, such as Ryan ‘BitC0in’ Riess, the 2013 WSOP main event winner, who would finish 31st for $1,058. Jason ‘justanenigma’ Wheeler also played in the tournament and finished tenth for $2,401.

Negreanu was in sixth place when the play started at the final table. Kennedy was in first place. But, it was Mike ‘PIEROGI’ Ziemba who was the first to eliminate someone. Ziemba took out ‘shvszn’ when his A-4 beat the offsuit Q-3 of ‘shvszn.’ This left ‘shvszn’ in ninth place with $3,084. Jeff ‘NedrudRelyt’ Madsen was the next to be defeated when his pocket nines failed to beat Negreanu’s pocket tens. Madsen would finish in eighth place earning $4,032.

Ziemba would soon be eliminated when he lost a preflop race to Paul ‘rungood27’ Scaturro after his A-K went up against Scaturro’s pocket sevens. Ziemba would earn $5,354 for his seventh-place finish. Next to go was Matthew ‘BraceletHUNT’ Hunt when he was knocked out by Kennedy, leaving him in sixth place for $7,226. Negreanu then moved up to second on the leaderboard after eliminating Ryan ‘hagzzz021’ Hagerty. Hagerty would earn $9,958 for his fifth-place finish. This was not Hagerty’s first deep run. He earned $387,130 for his fourth-place finish in the 2020 hybrid WSOP $10,000 main event.

Ryan ‘badbeatbill’ Basile was the next to eliminate someone when his A♠K♠ defeated Scaturro’s J♦10♣. At this point, Negreanu was left with the shortest remaining stack and would ultimately be eliminated in third place after going all-in for 1,038,766 and having Kennedy call with queens, fours, and a better kicker. Kennedy would go on to defeat Basile, who would finish in second place for $19,851.