David Afework was Disqualified For Committing an Integrity Breach

David Afework was the last player standing out of 2,088 competitors in the WPT500 event. This took place on June 1st on partypoker.com and would have netted Afework $160,210 if it weren’t for a sudden disqualification. After the one million dollars guaranteed event was over, the World Poker Tour and partypoker disqualified Afework.

Using the pseudonym Devplaza, Afework went to the forums on TwoPlusTwo to explain his plight. According to Afework, he was disqualified due to PartyPoker’s belief that he gave his account to a third party. Afework believes that this may be due to sharing his computer but not his account with a friend.

Regardless, Afework has begun the process of taking legal action against party poker and contacted the UK Gambling Commission. However, PartyPoker claims they do not act until they have sufficient evidence. But, when they find evidence that someone is not following their rules, they will act.

Any money that was won is seized and re-distributed to the people affected by the cheating. All payouts in WPT500 will simply be distributed as if Afework had never been there, and all contestants will be pushed up one spot.