Jonathan Tamayo Won the Wynn Summer Classic

Although we may have to wait until fall for the World Series of Poker, there are still plenty of tournaments in Las Vegas this summer. Some of the tournament series have large prize pools. Jonathan Tamayo won the first of the major tournaments earning $237,935 by playing the Wynn Summer Classic.

Tamayo beat 1,720 entrants at $1,100 no-limit hold ’em to win the prize. This was quite a feat considering his competition at the final table. Frank Stepuchin, World Poker Tour Champion, and east coast grinder Michael Azzaro were both at the final table. But, it was Jorge Arrioca that Tamayo defeated to win the tournament.

The Wynn Summer Classic had a guaranteed 1 million dollar prize pool, but the actual prize pool of 1.67 million far exceeded the guarantee. The first three events occurred on May 28, May 29, and May 30. Then, the remaining players continued to play on Monday until the winner was declared. The tournament didn’t end until early Jun 01, when Tamayo was announced as the winner. This was one of the biggest wins of Tamayo’s career. He is now in 44th place in the competition for Card Player, Player of the Year.