Nevada Casinos Earn $1 Billion For Second Month in a Row

For the second straight month, Nevada’s gaming revenue market has exceeded $1 billion in revenue, showing a strong recovery from pandemic lows. In April, the state has reported a revenue of $1.039 billion from all gaming, a benchmark the state has reached only three times in its history.

This revenue follows up and is only a slight decline from the state’s March revenue of $1.06 billion. This is an impressive recovery and earnings of one billion have typically indicated a healthy market for Nevada’s gaming operators leading many to hope the market’s recovery will remain.

Despite this positive news for Nevada’s gaming operators, the state’s tourism rates still have not recovered, remaining 27% below those of April 2019. Regardless current signs seem to be looking good as the Las Vegas Strip, the single largest component of Nevada’s gaming earnings, earned $483.4 million this April, a 0.3% growth over the same month in 2019. This indicates a long-term growth in the market and a welcome step toward recovery.