Non-Tipped Employees at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Get Wages Increased to $15 an Hour

Now that Casinos are almost back to normal operations, they need more employees to help with operations. So, in an attempt to attract new employees in the already competitive labor market, the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is raising employee wages to $15 per hour for all non-tipped employees.

This means the rise in wages will not cover employees such as blackjack or poker dealers; however, according to Rivers Casino, this is because they already earn more than $15 per hour. According to the parent firm Rush Street Gaming, a first-year full-time dealer can expect to earn between 45,000 to 50,000 per year.

Rush Street Gaming plans to expand this raise in wages to all of its casinos unless prior labor agreements prevent it. This will raise most of the companies employee’s wages to the generally agreed-upon minimum living wage. This has been a hot-button issue across much of the country this year, and Rivers Casino will have a head start on complying with any raise in the minimum wage.