Scott Robbins Sues Borgata Due to Lifetime Ban Over Suicide Joke

Featured - Scott Robbins Sues Borgata Due to Lifetime Ban Over Suicide Joke

Scott Robbins made a joke back in September 2020 that the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa did not appreciate. In fact, the casino banned Robbins for life after he made some comments about suicide which he says were intended as a joke. He is now disputing the ban claiming that the worker at the desk when he checked in overreacted to his statement about suicide. In addition to this, he is suing the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in the New Jersey Superior Court for $1.25 million.

According to, Robbins is suing for more than the costs he incurred; he also wants punitive and compensatory damages of $200,000 and $850,000 for 10 lost years of theoretical tournament earnings of $85,000 a year. The total amount of the lawsuit, according to CardsChat, is seeking damages at $1,253,368.75. Although, the amount could increase to more than three million if any alleged torts are taken into consideration as torts allow damages to be tripled.

The lawsuit is claiming that Robbins had 28 actionable torts perpetrated on him. The current case is taking place only a year after a settlement was reached in the case involving Phil Ivey (another prominent poker player) and Borgata.

The event in question involving Robbins started when he arrived at the Borgata for the WPT Borgata $3,500 Main Event in September 2020. Robbins is a skilled poker player with over $400,000 in earnings from poker tournaments as well as a WSOP Circuit gold ring, according to The Hendon Mob.

When Robbins went to check-in, he was asked if he wanted a high floor or low floor room. At this point, Robbins joked about whether he would survive if he jumped from a high low or low floor. The clerk asked Robbins not to jump, and he says he agreed not to but continued to joke about it.

Robbins was assigned a high floor room, which had windows with one-inch thick glass to prevent jumping. While Robbins was watching some television in his hotel room, armed security guards entered his room and told him he would have to submit to a psychological examination, or he would be forced to leave the hotel. Since Robbins had already qualified for the WPT Main Event and still wanted to participate in it, he agreed to the psychological exam. He passed the psychological exam, but he had to pay for the ambulance and the examination. Robbins was also banned from the Borgata for life even though he passed the exam. Robbins is suing for both the money he paid for the ambulance and mental exam as well as lost income.