Sports Betting May Become Legal in Connecticut By September 9th

Sports Betting May Become Legal in Connecticut By September 9th
State regulators in Connecticut have approved a new set of rules for the sports betting industry. These regulations set out in an 82-page document by the states Regulation Review Committee were passed as emergency regulations that may give gamblers the chance to place bets for the start of the NFL season.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont negotiated a deal with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and the Mohegan Tribe that would allow them to offer online gambling, including sports wagering and poker. In addition to these federally acknowledged Native American tribes, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation would also be permitted to offer sportsbooks.

Two months passed after this deal, and then the Connecticut Legislature successfully passed a bill permitting the market and creating the largest expansion of gambling the state had ever seen. Following this, the state went to work on altering the state’s gaming compact and sent a set of proposed amendments to the Department of the Interior in late July.

As this agreement is with federally recognized tribal entities, the Department of the Interior will be required to approve any changes. This is the one thing that could stand in the way of the state’s anticipated launch date if the department fails to take action or rejects the amendments.

However, it is expected that the federal department will approve the changes likely within the next two weeks, according to Rodney Butler, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nations chairman. After this, the Department of Consumer Protection will have the option to issue licenses for the new industry. The two tribes have expressed optimism that the approval and licenses will be able to come through in time for the start of the NFL season.

One issue that caused a lot of debate between legislators on the bill, which received considerable bipartisan support, was the use of credit cards and joint accounts to fund players’ online accounts. This could let players enter debt and even drain an account shared with another individual. As is, regulators chose to only allow one credit card to be registered to an account and block payment processors such as PayPal.

If any issues do arrive, the DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull has stated that as the rules were passed as an emergency measure, they can still be amended freely over the next six months. Though sports betting may be up and running by September 9th there still have not been any announcements for when online poker, which will also become legal, will be launched within the state.