Will Masks Be Required at the WSOP? The Answer is Sometimes

Will Masks Be Required at the WSOP The Answer is Sometimes
One question that has been on the minds of many players waiting for the World Series of Poker has been whether face masks will be mandatory now that vaccines are required. This week the FAQs for the 2021 WSOP clarified this question.

According to the new policy, players will not be required to wear a face mask when they are seated at the game table. However, this policy still requires players to keep masks on during most other times. This includes all breaks and whenever they are switching tables. Further, the policy states that players will be required to wear masks in all hallways of the Rio as well as whenever they step away from the table for any reason.

The WSOP has discretion on whether or not masks will be required indoors as the Nevada governor updated the state’s policy for venues that mandate vaccines. As of the announcement last week, the WSOP has stated that all players would be required to show proof of vaccination in addition to all media and vendors that choose to attend.

However, despite former interpretations of the WSOP’s policy, the event’s dealers will not be required to receive vaccinations. On the other hand, Caesar’s Entertainment stated that they do strongly encourage dealers to receive vaccinations for COVID-19.

Players are also encouraged to use the Clear Health Pass app to verify their vaccination status. This is a free app that takes very little time to set up.

Right now in Nevada, masks are still mandatory in most businesses, including restaurants, casinos, and poker rooms. So, the exception for events such as the WSOP is a standout for the region.

Unfortunately, many players have announced their intent to pass on the WSOP this year due to the announcement that vaccines would be mandatory. This included numerous high-level players amid the uproar, and numerous players expressed that they would not be getting the vaccine in order to attend.

Likely the promise of mask-free play will not be enough to attract many of these players. But, it may leave some players more comfortable during play, and fans are sure to enjoy seeing players’ faces.

Regardless of how many players choose to attend, the 2021 World Series of Poker events at the Rio will be taking place on September 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans are not going to want to miss the live events, particularly after last year’s absence.